Friday, March 12, 2004

Udayavani: Personalities: Magicians: Prahlad Acharya

Prahalad Acharya

Prahalad Acharya, graduate in law from Vaikunta Baliga Law College, Udupi, took magic as a challenge and tried to solve the mystery surrounding it. Magic had fascinated him from childhood and made him take it up as a career. He is a self-taught magician, who have no formal training and his knowledge comes from books and help given by the great magicians like Lal, P C Sorcar and Uday Jadugar.

Born on 11 April 1975, the magic-bug bit Prahlad Acharya, in his career span of 17 years he has presented over 2,200 shows and 990 escapes. The dare devil performance of the "Houdini escape" has won him acclaim from magicians all around the world. Prahlad has performed extremely dangerous and death-defying escape stunts, earning him the title ‘Indian Houdini’. Also branded as the Daredevil Magician, Prahlad and his troupe ‘Yakshaloka’ has also been actively involved in promoting social education and awareness, through the art of magic.
Prahlad held several shows all over Karnataka, the proceeds of which were donated to the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund. Prahlad, who believes the art of magic to be a vehicle of social communication and education has undertaken various campaigns like AIDS Awareness Programme, Vande Mataram - the National Integration Drive, Election Awareness Programme, and Pulse Polio Campaign.

Prahlad, being the founder and Executive Director of the Magic and Allied Arts Development and Research Institute (MAADRI), Udupi, is currently nurturing a grand and ambitious plan to promote the Indian magic. He had recently been to the Gulf countries of Dubai and United Arab Emirates, and entertained his overseas fans also. Performing the ancient art of legerdemain in his own inimitable style, Prahlad has won himself a worthy place in the history of Indian Magic.

Prahlad’s achievements includes escape from Bangalore Central Jail, Shadow Play, Golden Chariot vanish at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Houdini escape at the Jog Falls, escape from the Maximum Security Prison at Bellary and performance of the Legendary Indian Rope Trick at Kadekar, Udupi (1997). He also conducted a Jagruti Rally - A blind-fold drive for AIDS Awareness from Mangalore to Panji (1995). Prahlad won the Outstanding Magician Award at Vismayam 2000 - the International Magicians' Convention at Trivandrum, Kerala (2000). He also pocketed the Gold Medal for Ventriloqism and Silver Medal for Close Up Magic at the Golden Magic Conference in Kanhangad, Kerala (1999).


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