Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Deccan Herald: Magicians get down to business

Garudi-2003, the All Karnataka Magicians’ convention in Kannada held in Bangalore recently, attracted 158 magicians from all over Karnataka, to discuss, debate and formulate the future of the art of magic in the State. This first State-level magic convention was organised by the Magic and Allied Arts Development and Research Institute (MAADRI) with patronage from the State Government.

The two-day convention saw magicians discussing the problems faced by the art form and its proponents. A 12-point declaration adopted unanimously at the end of the convention, highlighted among other things, the need to align under one platform and strengthen the magical fraternity. Coming together will enable the magicians to put across their grievances to the authorities effectively and efficiently, says magician Prahlad Acharya, convenor of Garudi-2003.

The next month or so will see MAADRI launching a bi-monthly magical magazine enabling the magicians to keep in touch with each other, says Nakul Shenoy, magician and founder-secretary of MAADRI.
The next step is the publication of an all-Karnataka magicians’ directory and we have already compiled addresses and personal information of over 250 magicians from the State, he adds.

Various lectures on magic by prominent magicians such as Uday Jadugar, Kampa Gopinath Rao and Chandrashekar were a part of the convention.
A special presentation on magic versus miracles was also presented by magician Hulikal Nataraju.

The second day of the convention hosted the first ever State-level magic competition. The first prize in the juniors category (under 14) was bagged by Master Karun Krishna of Bangalore. The second and third prize were bagged by Master Srinivas Kumar (Banga-lore) and Miss Shama Parveen Taj (Mangalore).

The first place in the seniors category was bagged by Sam-arth Shenoy from Mangalore. Shashidar Shetty (Mangalore) and Miss Indushree (Bangalore) bagged the second and third prize.

The first Garudi rolling trophy Garudi Shresta was won by Samarth Shenoy.
Founded at Udupi in 1998, MAADRI is a non-governmental organisation involved in development communication and use of magic for social education and awarness at the grassroot level. The event was managed by Yakshaloka Magcal Entertainers.

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