Sunday, January 02, 2005

Deccan Herald: Magic show to mobilise relief funds


With tsunami taking its toll beyond one’s imagination, Prahlad Acharya -the famous magician, belonging to the Yashaloka Magical Entertainers, will stage a magic show on January 2, 2005 at Uday School Grounds, Vijayanagar, Bangalore, at around 5 pm. The proceedings collected from the programme will be forwarded to help the victims of tsunami.

Entry is free for all. However, those who contribute above Rs 5000 will be felicitated on the occasion.

Noted mimicry artist Dayanand will enthral the crowd with his laughing comedy show. Television artistes including Sihi Kahi Chandru and Geetha Chandru will also entertain the crowd. For details, call 9448277247.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Maya Jadoo to perform in aid of tsunami victims

Press Release - For favour of publication

Bangalore: December 31, 2004.

The Magic and Allied Arts Development & Research Institute (MAADRI) announced today that Maya Jadoo - The Mega Magic Show will be flagging off its campaign to raise funds for the victims and families of the December 26 earthquake and tsunami that has claimed more than 90,000 lives worldwide.

The first in the series of shows will be hosted at the Town Hall in Udupi at 5 PM on Saturday January 1, 2005. "What better way to spend the first day of the new year than by contributing to a worthy cause," asks the Executive Director of MAADRI, Magician Prahlad Acharya.

The second show in this series would be held at Bangalore on Sunday, January 2. The magic show starts at 5PM and is being hosted at the Udaya School Grounds, near the Vijayanagar bus stand.

"The entry to these shows would be free, and contributions are voluntary. The idea is to encourage the people who come to these shows to contribute generously to this noble cause," adds Prahlad.

"The success of these campaigns lies in the fact that the government of Karnataka utilised the services of MAADRI to propagate its Navachethana Social Welfare Schemes," says Magician Nakul Shenoy, the founder-secretary of MAADRI. The proceeds of these shows would be donated in entirety to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

MAADRI, through Maya Jadoo, has always been engaged in social causes, be it conducting several shows all over Karnataka state to raise funds for the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, or social awareness campaigns like AIDS Awareness Programme, Vande Mataram - the National Integration Drive, Election Awareness Programme, and Pulse Polio Campaign.

For more information about the shows, please contact Nakul Shenoy at 98441 30613.

Issued by:
Nakul Shenoy
Founder-Secretary -- MAADRI

Phone: +91 98441 30613
Email: indianmagique at

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Prahlad Acharya Forum

The Prahlad Acharya Forum has been existing at Networks 54 for use with the website. This has been integrated into the website now.

Also, a guestbook also exists at the website for you to leave your comments and feedback.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Hindu: Garudi Jadoo Utsav

Karnataka > From the Districts

MANGALORE DEC. 4. "Garudi Jadoo Utsav 2004", a State-level meet of magicians, will commence on Tuesday at Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala near here on Tuesday. It is being organised by Mangala Magic Circle, Mangalore, as part of its decennial celebrations.

Nearly 300 magicians are expected to participate in the utsav and their annual meeting on December 11 and 12 at the Gorakshanatha Hall at Kadri here. The president of Mangala Magic Circle, Swarna Sundar, told presspersons on Friday that the magicians would perform at various places in Dakshina Kannada during the utsav.

Prahlad Acharya, magician, said that a State-level competition would be organised as part of the convention. The winner of the competition would receive the "Garudi Shresta'' title. He said during the utsav, items related to magic would be on sale. Classes, seminars, demonstrations and workshops would be held as part of the utsav. Pradeep Suri, secretary of Mangala Magic Circle, was present.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Hindu: Magic's in the air


The Hindu: Metro Plus Coimbatore
Thursday, Nov 11, 2004

Magic, drama and entertainment - that's Prahlad Acharya's show

"MAGIC IS illusion. Magicians create illusion for entertainment." With these opening lines, magician Prahlad Acharya treated an eagerly-waiting audience to his `Maya Jadoo' show. The show matched his words.

he event put together by Yakshaloka Magical Entertainers, the 20-member troupe of Prahlad, was spellbinding. It was no doubt a show of illusion. But the audience in the jam-packed hall, especially the kids, enjoyed every bit of it.

Each performance had an ethnic touch to it. `Maya' had a combination of magical illusion, music and drama, which Prahlad termed "dramagic". First among the presentations was the popular `Indian basket' trick, wherein a lady comes out of an empty basket.

Prahlad did the disappearing act and changed his attire in a jiffy, much to everyone's delight.

A curious few in the audience even stood up to see how the magicians played their tricks. The colourful `umbrella magic' sequence, where a steady stream of umbrellas kept coming from the hands of magicians, won appreciation. Prahlad's wife Poornima, also part of the troupe, presented a few magical illusions. Her take on Charlie Chaplin had everyone in splits. Then, there were the usual `unlimited sarees', `innumerable bottles' and `cartoon magic' series performances. This was followed by the `burning of a person' sequence. After this, Prahlad asked the audience to give their gold-plated wristwatches and ornaments. A few of them were game, but soon realised that their valuables had disappeared. Much to their relief, they reappeared again in a box that hung in the air.

The much-awaited grand escape from a `locked box' lived up to its billing. The act perfected by master magician Houdini was brought out well by Prahlad's team. All eyes were on Prahlad, who entered the box handcuffed only to emerge from the rear entrance of the hall in a few minutes. There was also the bamboozling sequence where Poornima was `cut into two', but came out unscathed. The show was not just about magic.

It also had ventriloquism and shadow play. In the latter, the team brought alive the look and gait of animals and the background sound only added to the effect. Prahlad's conversation with his wisecrack partner `Kitty' sent waves of laughter.

The show, which starts at 6.30 p.m. every day, is on till November 16.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Udayavani: Personalities: Magicians: Prahlad Acharya

Prahalad Acharya

Prahalad Acharya, graduate in law from Vaikunta Baliga Law College, Udupi, took magic as a challenge and tried to solve the mystery surrounding it. Magic had fascinated him from childhood and made him take it up as a career. He is a self-taught magician, who have no formal training and his knowledge comes from books and help given by the great magicians like Lal, P C Sorcar and Uday Jadugar.

Born on 11 April 1975, the magic-bug bit Prahlad Acharya, in his career span of 17 years he has presented over 2,200 shows and 990 escapes. The dare devil performance of the "Houdini escape" has won him acclaim from magicians all around the world. Prahlad has performed extremely dangerous and death-defying escape stunts, earning him the title ‘Indian Houdini’. Also branded as the Daredevil Magician, Prahlad and his troupe ‘Yakshaloka’ has also been actively involved in promoting social education and awareness, through the art of magic.
Prahlad held several shows all over Karnataka, the proceeds of which were donated to the Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund. Prahlad, who believes the art of magic to be a vehicle of social communication and education has undertaken various campaigns like AIDS Awareness Programme, Vande Mataram - the National Integration Drive, Election Awareness Programme, and Pulse Polio Campaign.

Prahlad, being the founder and Executive Director of the Magic and Allied Arts Development and Research Institute (MAADRI), Udupi, is currently nurturing a grand and ambitious plan to promote the Indian magic. He had recently been to the Gulf countries of Dubai and United Arab Emirates, and entertained his overseas fans also. Performing the ancient art of legerdemain in his own inimitable style, Prahlad has won himself a worthy place in the history of Indian Magic.

Prahlad’s achievements includes escape from Bangalore Central Jail, Shadow Play, Golden Chariot vanish at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Houdini escape at the Jog Falls, escape from the Maximum Security Prison at Bellary and performance of the Legendary Indian Rope Trick at Kadekar, Udupi (1997). He also conducted a Jagruti Rally - A blind-fold drive for AIDS Awareness from Mangalore to Panji (1995). Prahlad won the Outstanding Magician Award at Vismayam 2000 - the International Magicians' Convention at Trivandrum, Kerala (2000). He also pocketed the Gold Medal for Ventriloqism and Silver Medal for Close Up Magic at the Golden Magic Conference in Kanhangad, Kerala (1999).

Friday, August 15, 2003 Review On The Residency Restaurant by Kamal Misra

The Feast Continues


If stars were supposed to glitter in the broad daylight and yet remain as powerful a visible entity as the sun does, then people would no longer respect the Sun for the amount of shine they get. The collection of a handful of stars would alone account for a dozen suns. When the issue comes to choosing a good restaurant, the distinction between Four and Five star facilities wanes into a thread as thin as the celia projecting out of a Jelly fish’s body. A Five star facility in all it’s capacity may not equal the style and ambience put forth by a Four star one at all instances.

Residency Towers stands high in one of the corners of Busy Vani Mahal Cross roads in Chennai. Vani Mahal is a culture rich auditorium known for hosting diverse cultural events which range from vocal concerts to Prahlad Acharya’s Magic shows. Far across the Traffic signal soars up the towering structure spanning seven to eight floors. Flanked by one of Satyam computer’s six development centres, Residency overlooks the steel glass frame of Hexaware Technologies at a distant corner on the same side of the road christened G N Chetty Road which is one of Chennai’s busy traffic channels. The walls are painted in the hues of Earth and Mahogany and a hundred windows open to the altitude that is bound to make any Bungee-Jumping freak proud. A thick foliage gives the building a pristine look as a bevy of automobiles line outside the premises unattended.

I was fortunate to get a sneak preview into the proceedings of the famed Residency restaurant, courtesy a formal business lunch arranged with my clients from Hewlett Packard, Atlanta. The restaurant is situated on the first floor and you have to climb up the steep staircase. Two giant doors fitted with Brass knobs await your gratuitous initiation as a small yet immaculately furnished room welcomes you. As one moves ahead, a long table at the centre of the room with the eatables contained in silver and stainless steel vessels stands guard. Seating arrangement for the multitude has been done in the form of a long oval table at the northern corner while sofas attached to walls are scattered throughout in such a manner that people in small groups can relish the atmosphere while looking at each other. The buffet lunch and dinners are the prime specialities in this restaurant. To start with, one can choose amongst Tomato/Mushroom/Sweet ’n’ Sour/Chicken soups with bread crumbs floating and waiting to be munched the next moment. A kerala speciality AVIYAL is also let loose which is a combination of vegetables sauted in coconut & curd. Then, enters the cereals department, where in you have the option of choosing from Plain rice, Khichdi, curd rice, Pulavo, while the non-rice takers can satiate their taste buds with Rumali Roti, Tandoori Roti and Maida Kulchas and Aloo parathas get a worthy mention as well. You can go in for the Schizwaan noodles if you find the wormlike appetizers scintillating. They fare out the most exclusive of Non-veg items if you belong to that section, much in the line of tasty Fish in Cream (Taiwanese), Chicken (Thai Style), Lamb chops and even, Pork preparations. Hyderabadi Biryanis are a popular dish here. The Veggies too come across a huge assortment of delicious dishes. Channa Pindi, Paneer Masala, Dal Fry, Dal Makhani, Vegetable Kebabs, Mushroom in Butter Gravy, Moong Dal Halwa among others. Some popular south indian dishes are also available namely, Alapuzzha Chicken Curry, Chettinadu dishes etc. The overhead speakers suffuse light music and inspiring instrumentals into the ambience while one is busy digesting the loads of calories he was subject to the other moment. Then, starts the dessert mela where you have different variety of Ice Creams, Fruit mixtures,Cakes, Gulab jamuns and a variety of other sweets. The Sweet eaters will break into a jig at the sight of Rosomalai and Mishti Dhoi, a famous Bengali speciality. The process of mastication consummates with the inhalation of the strong yet tickling flavour of a glass of Jeera water.

Like the one I discussed during the presentation of a review on GRT Grand Days, we come across a hefty sum as we prepare to leave the restaurant. A normal buffet lunch costs an eye-popping 350 rupees which is undeniably beyond the pocket of an average middle-class family. But, since our expenses are soon reimbursed by the clients and more often, they are directly borne by them, we seem to relish the moments. If one is really optimistic about what he wants to gorge on, then Residency is one of the MUST-VISITS.

The Feast continues...

For more details about the writer, visit: Kamal Misra