Thursday, December 13, 2001 Magician breaks chains, locks up cops

Bangalore, Dec 11

Officials and inmates were spellbound and watched helplessly as he disappeared into thin air from the Bangalore Central Jail.

Renowned magician Prahlad Acharya from Udupi, successfully performed his new number 'jail break, a convict's dream', in the prison on the occasion of 'World Human Rights Day' here yesterday.

Prahlad was handcuffed and chained by Senior Superintendent of Central Prison P N Jaytasimha and was lodged in one of the cells of the maximum security prison by Assistant Superintendent Jawaregowda.

However, within minutes he appeared amidst spectators free from handcuff and chain _ locking policemen behind the bars in his place.

Prahlad last hit the headlines when he made the Rs 1.5 crore golden chariot of Sri Krishna Mutt at Udupi disappear in August last.

'Underwater Houdini Escape', 'Agnivyooha Chhedana' (Escape From the Castle of Fire) and Chinese Torture Cell were some of the special escape numbers Prahlad was famous for.

After the performance, Prahlad said he was planning a mega magic show in Bangalore during February 2002.

Wed, Dec 12, 2001


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